Since I grew up playing sports my whole life, I’ve always liked to spend most of my spare time being active.  When I’m not playing sports (baseball, soccer, golf, etc.), I am usually exercising at the gym or going for a run.  Recently I have taken up cycling as well.  In fact on July 24, 2016 I completed a three month, 3800+ mile trip where I cycled across the country from New Jersey to San Francisco.  It was such an incredible experience!  I’ve posted pictures from the trip in the My Trip section.  Other outdoor activities I enjoy include hiking, camping, fishing, and snowboarding.  When I am not outside being active, I also like to play my guitar and listen to music.

Semi-Finals Homerun

My homerun in our State Semi-Final game

State Champs Sign

My senior year State Champion team


Love catching large mouth bass


Kayaking + Fishing

Hiking in Rockies

Hiking in the Rockies

Snowboarding Jump

Terrain Park at Vail

Vail Crew

The Spotswood crew united at Vail


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